Quality Home Improvement, Tile Installations & Many More in Appleton, WI

Poor quality workmanship is something that can be seen too often in the home improvement industry. Have a look at our high-quality projects including remodeling and tile installations in Appleton, WI and the rest of Fox Valley.

Indeed, we are a small company. But this ‘size’ has allowed us to pay closer attention to even the smallest details in our projects. We are a small company that takes pride in our attention to detail. We take customer satisfaction to a whole new level by delivering more than what is expected. Through this, we were able to build trust with every client which in turn, makes us a referral-based company. If you are inspired by our works and want to give home improvement a try, feel free to give us a call at 715-216-0414. You can also send us an email at to get your FREE ESTIMATE!






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